“Free Personalized Official Nice List Guide from Santa”

“Free Personalized Official Nice List Guide from Santa”

“Free Personalized Official Nice List Guide from Santa”

“The Guaranteed Way to Have Your Child On Their Best Behavior From Today Until Christmas.”

Every child knows that if they have any hope at all of Santa stopping by, they must be on his official Nice List.

But how can they be sure about what it takes to make it to this precious list?

Well, now you can personalize and download your child’s very own Nice List Guide. This is THE list of Santa’s top 10 rules for making the cut. This is a fun print-out that YOU customize!

Do you want your child to… “Go to bed on time?”; “Clean their room?”; “Obey their parents?”

Now it’s super easy to create your own downloadable Nice List Guide. Your child will know exactly what it’s going to take to make it to the Nice list. And the best part is… you get to decide.

Just use the easy drop down menus or type in your very own “Rule” that your child must obey! It’s FUN, full-color, and looks like it’s right from Santa’s Desk! Personalized with their name in big banner lettering across the top.

No child dares to disobey Santa. Certainly not with Christmas right around the corner. Let’s face it, when Santa lays down the law… kids listen!

And of course, anytime they’re not following the rules… just point to the list.

Tack it to the wall in their bedroom; hang it on their mirror; tape it to their headboard. Just place it somewhere where they can see it every day. Guaranteed to improve your child’s attitude and behavior… at least until Christmas.

And don’t forget! PackageFromSanta.com also has some of the nicest “Letters From Santa” available anywhere on the internet… as well as complete “Packages” sent directly to your child from Santa at the North Pole.

And you can also get The Official Nice List Certificate personalized for your child at PackageFromSanta.com! You’ve established the guidelines for your child to adhere to, now it’s time to reward them with their very own Nice List Certificate, signed by Santa himself!

Just click here to get your child’s Free Personalized Official Nice List Guide From Santa!


Parents, Get A Free Personalized Santa Greeting Video For Your Child

Santa Claus knows just what lights up a child’s face and warms their little hearts .Starting this year Santa Claus will be sending FREE personalized Santa video greetings to all the good boys and girls. Many children have been receiving personalized Santa Claus letters for years now, but Santa is trying to reach all the children through his new Personalized Santa Video Greeting so they can see and hear him any time they want. Even if your precious child is receiving a personalized letter from Santa this year, Santa still wants to send them a FREE personalized video greeting.Go to http://www.packagefromsanta.com/for more fun Christmas gift ideas!

Santa Wants To Reach Every Boy & Girl With A FREE Personalized Video Greeting This Year

Santa Video

Santa Video

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