A Free Call From Santa Claus Personalized For Your Child

Celebrate the holiday season with our award winning http://www.packagefromsanta.com/ Personalized Phone Call from Santa technology. The real voice of Santa Claus Himself is guaranteed to amaze your child, and it’s absolutely free!

Get your child’s free personalized video from Santa this year with our authentic personalized letters from Santa, Visit our website to order our letters From Santa and get a Free Call From Santa too!


Letters From Santa Austin Texas $200.00 Toys-R-Us Gift Card Giveaway

Howdy Austin TX , this year packagefromsanta.com  has included the city of Austin, TX residents eligible  to win one of our 2012 $100 Toys-R-Us Gift cards. All you have to do is tell your friends and or family know about our high quality personalized Letters From Santa and they (and You) will be entered into our $200.00 Toys-R-Us Gift Card Giveaway! For more information and to enter to win visit our site at http://www.packagefromsanta.com/toysrus.aspx

Letters From Santa Now Has A Free Call From Santa For Christmas

Free call From Santa We’re as excited about our Free call From Santa as all the children will be this year.  Imagine your child or loved one getting a call from Santa on the day and time you choose, so you can watch the excitement and have the time to prepare to get that camera ready, this call from Santa is going to be one of those Kodak moments you and your child or loved one, will cherish for a lifetime.

Safe, Secure and simple, we don’t share any information, it’s just for Santa and you.  The only e-mail you’ll ever receive is from us, and the only one who calls is Santa Himself, personally addressed with your child’s or loved ones name. Sign up today to create and confirm your scheduled call from Santa in 3 easy steps, and make this year a magical one!

Make your Free call from Santa one of the most memorable ones this year with more free gifts that are sure to make this years Christmas even more special than ever.  We’ve been keeping the magic of Christmas alive for over 5 years with our free personalized Santa Gifts and Santa letters  for children and parents, as seen in the “Parenting Magazine”, “Baby Talk”, “American Baby” and more. Packagefromsanta.com is One of the most popular websites for letters from Santa and has been creating their authentic Santa letters since 2007″.

Letters From Santa Likes Facebook Too!

Letters From Santa Likes Facebook Too

Letters From Santa Likes Facebook Too

Unlock Letters from Santa’s Facebook page with a “Like” and receive a 15% off coupon !

Letters from Santa Claus Has Magic North Pole Snow from Santa Himself!

Letters From Santa Magic North Pole Snow

Go to Letters From Santa PackageFromSanta.com and order a personalized Letter from SantaClaus, and watch your child’s face will light up with amazement when they watch Magic North Pole Snow grow right before their eyes! Just add water and snow will appear! A wonderful addition to your child’s letter from Santa Claus… only at PackageFromSanta.com!

Letters From Santa Comes With A Free Santa Video

Letters From Santa

Letters From Santa

Letters From Santa

Letters from Santa now with Christmas coming right around the corner that all the savvy mommies and daddies are looking for great affordable ways to light up their childs face on Christmas morning, so on top of every personalized letter from Santa you order letters from Santa is throwing in a FREE personalized Santa video greeting for child or children. for your childs FREE Santa video Greeting please go http://www.freepersonalizedvideogreetingfromsantaclaus.com/

Free Personalized Santa Video

Letters from Santa is well known for their highly personalized letters from Santa on high-quality custom letterhead. Genuine, parchment-like paper with official gold foil seal. Every personalized letter from Santa comes beautify packaged. Every Santa letter package is backed by a 60      day money back guarantee!

Santa Letters

Letters from Santa is on a constant mission to find new and exciting ways to bring joy and excitement to every good little boy and girl on Christmas, so for 2011 Letters from Santa  came up with the great idea to provide a FREE highly personalized Santa Video greeting with every Santa letter. Letters from Santa packagefromsanta.com has many great free holiday gift for children e.g. Christmas countdown calendar, (parents favorite) customizable Santa nice list guide.

Make sure to get your child their very own highly personalized letter from Santa this year and receive a high-quality personalized video greeting from Santa himself, so your child can hear and see Santa all year long!

Letters From Santa Has a New Free Santa Video Greeting

Letters From Santa

PackageFromSanta.com is now offering a Free Personal Video Greeting from Santa Claus with EVERY Santa Letter! Keep the magic of Christmas alive with a real Santa Letter from PackageFromSanta.com!

Real Personalized Letters From Santa Make Your Child Believe Again

Personalized Letters From Santa Make Your Child Believe Again

Simply ignite your child’s imagination this year with personalized Santa letters from http://www.packagefromsanta.com/and free video greeting.  Package From Santa has a gold package (with free shipping) your child will receive a Santa letters, complete with Santa’s special North Pole return address label, a gold foil label addressed to your child, and stamped with a genuine North Pole stamp.

Not to mention that every personalized letters from Santa includes a free video greeting made just for your child.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to watch your child’s face light up when they see Santa Claus himself tell them they are on the nice list this year and he will be stopping by your house on Christmas.

So let the wonder, glory, and happiness of Christmas enter your house early this year by ordering a Santa letters package today and watch the eyes of your child light up with joy at the anticipation of this most wonderful holiday season.

Amaze Your Child With A Free Personalized Video From Santa Claus

Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting

Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting

You can now floor your child with a Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting the way you never imagined before. Small gestures matter most and the Personalized Videos Greetings From Santa Claus are a great avenue to make you dear child feel on top of the moon. Families coast to coast are checking out the new summer addition video to bring cheer and tears of joy to their loved ones.

The free video from Santa Claus is available right now at http://www.freepersonalizedvideogreetingfromsantaclaus.com/.

Santa in Caribbean Retreat Making Free Personalized Videos From Santa Claus

Free Personalized Letters From Santa

Free Personalized Letters From Santa

August 2011 Package From Santa

Santa Claus found at a remote Caribbean Retreat making his Free Personalized Santa Video Greetings. We found Santa and all his little elves in a way you never could have imagined Santa before. We were following up on a lead that someone spotted Santa Claus strolling down a remote beach while they were vacationing in the Caribbean. We decided to go see for ourselves and we took our children along for a little vacation.  On the third day of combing the beaches our little girl started shouting daddy, daddy, look it’s Santa Clause.  I grabbed the camcorder and started filming and the old man spun around and started running so we chased him, and then he just stopped and said, “Ok, you got me, but if you keep it down and I’ll share a little secret, follow me”. As we were walking he admitted he was the real Santa Claus and why he wanted to keep it down, and then out of nowhere about 30 little elves came running all around us on the beach.  Santa showed us his cozy retreat and the Personalized Video Greetings from Santa Claus he and Mrs. Clause were making.  Santa said he had an idea for a great way all the children could stay in touch with him all year round, anytime a child wants to.

What a great idea from Santa, and what a way for all the children to see Santa Claus throughout the year with their very own Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting. All you need to do is just fill out a simple little form on the Free Personalized Santa Video Greeting website with your child’s name, your email and the gender of your child. Santa doesn’t share your e-mail with anyone but the boss, Mrs. Claus. Don’t forget to check out Santa’s Summer Edition Free personalized video greeting sample of him on the beach while you’re there.  The Free Personalized Video Greeting is absolutely FREE, and after entering your greeting code, you can get a link in your inbox for a free download. If you forget the greeting code, retrieve it by entering the relevant information and clicking ‘Forgot Your Greeting Code’ link on his website.

Santa’s free high quality professional Santa greetings video is available for multiple children and grandchildren and can even be shared with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter too.

Santa wanted to remind us all about his special personalizedletters from Santa Claus from http://www.packagefromsanta.com/ too! Santa knows all good little boys and girls love a letter from Santa. Santa sends all his personalized letters from Santa via first class mail in an attractive red and gold package personally addressed to your child from his North Pole address.

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